NEDA/CAP is a multi-sector manufacturing coalition of companies that operate facilities across the United States.  NEDA/CAP was created to address Clean Air Act issues facing all types of manufactures including permitting, compliance and air quality planning requirements.


New Source Review & Title V Operating Permits

Prevention of Signficant Deterioration Permits
Nonattainment NSR and Emission Offsets
Greenhouse Gas Permitting
Plantwide Applicability Limits
Revisions of Federal Operating Permits
Air Dispersion Modeling

Implementation of the National Ambient Air Quality Standard

EPA Ozone Implementation Guidance
SO2 Implementation Guidance
PM2.5 Implementation Guidance
Start-Up, Shut-Down and Malfunction Policies
Attainment Demonstration Dispersion Modeling
Monitoring in Lieu of Dispersion Modeling

Emissions Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Stack Testing & Reference Methods
Periodic MonitoringCompliance Assurance Monitoring Plan
EPA “Emissions Reporting Tool”
“Credible Evidence” Monitoring
Greenhouse Gase Reporting

Generally Applicable Federal Emission Standards

The General MACT and NSPS Standards
“Uniform Standards”
Boiler MACT (Industrial, Institutional & Commercial Boilers)
Definition of Secondary Materials That Are Not “Solid Waste”
Residual Risk Standards
“Environmental Justice” Criteria

EPA Stationary Source Compliance Policies

EPA Applicability Determination Index (e.g., “Once In Policy”)
Stationary Source Policy Guidance
Fugitive Emissions and “Major Source” Policies